Fund Manager

About Mariusz

Manager specialized in gaming, with particular emphasis on publishing and selling computer games for PC platforms, consoles as well as Free-To-Play mobile games. Over 10 years of experience in managerial positions in teams creating computer games. He managed departments, created business plans with a key impact on enterprises.

He has extensive experience in creating strategic plans, analysis and problem solving as well as in business management. Team player, focused on achieving goals.

Specializations: Strategic planning, sales, project management, business development, computer games, business models and forecasts, new project development, mobile games.

Extensive experience in the computer games industry: Premium games, mobile games, game systems analysis, user acquisition and marketing, analytics, game monetization and retention systems, technology, infrastructure, UI / UX.

Fund Manager

About Maciej

Many years of experience gained in companies such as ARP Games, Artifex Mundi,Techland or Crazy Goat Games where he held key positions in projects that allowed me to gain the necessary knowledge to manage projects in gamedev. 

Currently focused on the project of an innovative publishing studio, which is to be the culmination of many years of professional career.

In the fund one of the key managers and experts, focused on value creation, mentoring and pre-selection of investment projects. 

Team Member

About Bartosz

A lawyer with extensive experience. He participated in front-page trials. He has perfectly learned the bright side of the power of the game world. He is also aware of the dark side.

He has many years of experience in coordinating and providing complex services of permanent and comprehensive legal services both for cultural institutions and entities operating in other industries, including IT or sports. His clients include Providers of innovative solutions as well as institutions and companies in the creative industry, where copyrights, industrial property and know-how are important issues. He also advises on the legal aspects of crowdfunding.

Author of numerous publications and studies in the field of criminal and procedural law.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Silesia in Katowice in 2008. He has been practicing as an advocate since 2007.